Judges 5:24-27

Coverdale(i) 24 Blessynge amonge wemen haue Iael the wife of Heber the Kenite: blessinge haue she in the tente amonge the wemen. 25 Whan he axed water, she gaue him mylke, & broughte forth butter in a lordly disshe. 26 She toke holde of the nale wt hir hande, & the smyth hammer with hir righte hande, and smote Sissera, cut of his heade & pearsed and bored thorow his temples. 27 He bowed him selfe downe at hir fete, he fell downe, and laye there. He sanke downe, and fell at hir fete: whan he had soncke downe, he laye there destroyed.