Judges 17

Coverdale(i) 1 There was a man vpo mount Ephraim, named Micha 2 which sayde vnto his mother: The thousande and hundreth syluerlinges which thou hast taken vnto the, & sworne, and spoken of before myne eares: beholde, ye same money is by me, I haue taken it vnto me. Then sayde his mother: The blessinge of the LORDE haue thou my sonne. 3 So he gaue his mother the thousande & hundreth syluerlinges agayne. And his mother saide: That money haue I sanctified vnto the LORDE wt my hande for my sonne, to make a molten ymage: therfore I geue it the agayne. 4 Neuertheles he delyuered ye money agayne vnto his mother. Then toke his mother two hundreth syluerlinges, & put them forth to ye goldsmyth, which made a molten ymage, yt was afterwarde in Michas house. 5 And thus the man Micha had a gods house, & made an ouerbody cote, & Idols, and fylled ye handes of one of his sonnes, yt he mighte be his prest. 6 At yt tyme was there no kynge in Israel, & euery man dyd the thinge yt was righte in his awne eyes. 7 There was a yoge man of Bethleem Iuda, amoge the kynreds of Iuda, and he was a Leuite, and was a straunger there. 8 The same wente out of the cite of Bethleem Iuda, to walke whither he coulde. And wha he came vp to mount Ephraim vnto the house of Micha, to go on his iourney, 9 Micha axed him: Whence comest thou? He answered him: I am a Leuite of Bethleem Iuda, and am walkynge where I can. 10 Micha sayde vnto him: Tary with me, thou shalt be my father and my prest, I will geue the euery yeare ten syluerlinges and thy appoynted raymet, and meate and drynke: and the Leuite wete on. 11 And the Leuite agreed to abyde with the man: and he helde the yonge ma, as one of his owne sonnes. 12 And Micha fylled the Leuites hande, that he mighte be his prest, and so he was in Michas house. 13 And Micha sayde: I am sure the LORDE wyll do me good now, that I haue a Leuite to my prest.