Joshua 2:9-11

Coverdale(i) 9 and sayde vnto the: I knowe that the LORDE shal delyuer you the londe, for the feare of you is fallen vpon vs, and all the inhabiters of the londe are discoraged at youre commynge. 10 For we haue herde, how the LORDE dryed vp the water in the reed see before you, wha ye departed out of Egipte: and what ye dyd vnto the two kynges of the Amorites, Sihon and Og beyonde Iordane, how ye roted them out, and destroyed them. 11 And sence we herde therof, oure hert hath failed vs, nether is there a good stomacke more in eny man, by the reason of youre commynge. For the LORDE yor God is both the God aboue in heaue and beneth vpon earth.