Joshua 24:21-25

Coverdale(i) 21 The people sayde vnto Iosua: Not so, but we will serue the LORDE. 22 Then sayde Iosua vnto the people: Ye are witnesses ouer youre selues, that ye haue chosen you the LORDE, to serue him. And they sayde: Yee. 23 Then put awaye from you (sayde he) the straunge goddes yt are amonge you, and enclyne youre hert vnto the LORDE the God of Israel. 24 And the people sayde vnto Iosua: We wyll serue the LORDE oure God, and be obedient vnto his voyce. 25 So Iosua made a couenaunt with the people ye same daye, and laied statutes & lawes before them at Sichem.