Joshua 20:3-6

Coverdale(i) 3 that a deedsleyer which sleyeth a soule vnawarres and vnwittingly, maye flye thither, yt they maye be fre amoge you from the avenger of bloude. 4 And he that flyeth to one of those cities, shal stonde without before the porte of the cite, and shewe his cause before the Elders of the cite, then shall they take him to them in to the cite, and geue him place to dwell with them. 5 And yf the auenger of bloude folowe vpon him, they shall not delyuer the deedslayer in to his handes, for so moch as he hath slayne his neghboure vnawarres, and was not his enemye afore: 6 but he shall dwell in ye cite, tyll he stonde before the congregacion in iudgment, vntyll the hye prest dye, which shall be at that tyme. Then shall the deedsleyer returne, and go vnto his awne cite, and vnto his house to the cite, from whence he was fled.