Joshua 14

Coverdale(i) 1 This is it that the children of Israel haue enhereted in the londe of Canaan, which Eleasar the prest, and Iosua the sonne of Nun, and the chefe of the fathers amonge the trybes of the children of Israel parted out amonge them. 2 But by lot dyd they deuyde it out amoge them, acordinge as the LORDE comaunded Moses to geue vnto the nyne trybes and ye halfe: 3 for vnto the two trybes and the halfe dyd Moses geue enheritaunce beyonde Iordane. But vnto the Leuites he gaue no enheritaunce amonge them. 4 For of the childre of Ioseph there were two trybes, Manasses and Ephraim. Therfore gaue they the Leuites no porcion in the londe, but cities, to dwell therin, and suburbes for their catell and goodes. 5 Euen as the LORDE comaunded Moses, so dyd the childre of Israel, and deuyded the londe. 6 Then came forth the children of Iuda to Iosua at Gilgall: and Caleb ye sonne of Iephunne the Kenisite sayde vnto him: Thou knowest what ye LORDE sayde vnto Moses the man of God, concerninge me and the in Cades Bernea. 7 I was fortye yeare olde, whan Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE sent me out from Cades Bernea, to spye out the londe, and I broughte him worde agayne, euen as I had it in my hert. 8 Howbeit my brethren that wente vp with me, discoraged the hert of the people: but I folowed ye LORDE my God vnto the vttemost. 9 Then sware Moses vnto me the same daye, and sayde: The londe whervpon thou hast troden with thy fote, shalbe thine enheritaunce and thy childrens for euer, because thou hast folowed the LORDE my God vnto the vttemost. 10 And now hath the LORDE letten me lyue, acordinge as he sayde. It is now fyue and fortie yeare sence ye LORDE spake this vnto Moses, wha Israel walked in the wildernesse. And now lo, this daie am I fyue and foure score yeare olde 11 and am yet as stronge to daye, as I was in that daye whan Moses sent me out: euen as my strength was then, so is it now also to fighte, and to go out and in. 12 Geue me now therfore this mountayne, wherof the LORDE spake in that daye, and thou herdest it the same daye: for now the Enakims dwell theron, and it hath greate and stronge cities: yf happly the LORDE wyl be with me, that I maye dryue the out, as he hath sayde. 13 Then Iosua blessed him, and so gaue Hebron vnto Caleb the sonne of Iephune. 14 Therfore was Hebron the enheritaunce of Caleb the sonne of Iephune the kenisite, vnto this daye, because he folowed the LORDE God of Israel vnto the vttemost. 15 But afore tyme was Hebron called Kiriatharba, & greate people were there amonge the Enakims. And the lode ceassed from warre.