Joshua 11

Coverdale(i) 1 Whan Iabin the kynge of Asor herde this, he sent vnto Iabob the kynge of Madon and to the kynge of Samron, and to the kynge of Achsaph, 2 and to the kynges that dwelt towarde the north vpon the mountaynes, and in the playne on the southsyde of Cineroth, and in the lowe countrees, and in the lordshippes of Dor by the see syde: 3 and to the Cananites towarde ye east and west, to ye Amorites, Hethites, Pheresites, and Iebusites, vpon the mountaynes and to the Heuites, vnder mount Hermon in the londe of Mispa. 4 These wete out with all their armies, a greate people, as many as ye sonde of the see, and exceadinge many horses and charettes. 5 All these kinges gathered the selues, and came, and pitched together by ye water of Meram, to fighte with Israel. 6 And the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: Feare them not, for tomorow aboute this tyme wil I delyuer them all slayne, before the children of Israel: thou shalt lame their horses, and burne their charettes with fire. 7 And Iosua came sodenly vpon them, and all the men of warre with him by the water of Merom, & fell vpon them. 8 And the LORDE delyuered them in to ye handes of Israel, and they smote them, and chaced them vnto greate Sido and to the warme water, and to the playne of Mispa towarde ye east: and smote them, vntyll there remayned not one. 9 Then dealte Iosua with them as ye LORDE had saide vnto him, & lamed theis horses, & brent their charettes. 10 And he turned backe at the same tyme, & wanne Hasor, & smote ye kynge of it wt the swerde (for Hasor was afore tyme ye head cite of all these kyngdomes) 11 and smote all the soules that were therin wt the edge of the swerde, and damned it, & let nothinge remayne that had breth, & damned Hasor with fyre. 12 All the cities of these kyngdomes wane Iosua also, and smote the with the edge of the swerde, and damned them, acordinge as Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE commaunded. 13 Howbeit the cities that stode vpon the hilles, dyd not the children of Israel burne with fyre: but Hasor onely dyd Iosua burne. 14 And all the spoyles of these cities and the catell, dyd the children of Israel deale amonge them, but smote all the men with the edge of the swerde, tyll they had destroyed them, and let nothinge remayne that had breth. 15 As the LORDE commaunded his seruaunt Moses, and as Moses commaunded Iosua, euen so dyd Iosua, so that there was nothinge vndone of all that the LORDE comaunded Moses. 16 So Iosua toke all this lode vpon ye moutaynes, & all yt lyeth towarde the south, & all the londe of Gosen, and the lowe countre, & the playne felde, and the mountayne of Israel with the valley therof, 17 from the mountayne that parteth the londe vp towarde Seir, vnto Baalgad, in the playne of mout Libanus beneth mount Hermon. All their kynges toke he, and smote them, and put the to death. 18 Howbeit he warred a longe season with these kynges. 19 Yet was there not one cite, that yelded it selfe peaceably vnto the children of Israel (excepte the Heuites, which dwelt at Gibeon) but they wanne them all with battayll. 20 And this was done so of the LORDE that their hert was so hardened, to come against the children of Israel with battayll, yt they mighte be daned, & no fauoure to be shewed vnto them, but to be destroyed, as the LORDE commaunded Moses. 21 At the same tyme came Iosua, and roted out the Enakims from ye mountayne, from Hebron, from Debir, from Anab, from euery mountayne of Iuda, and from euery mountayne of Israel, and damned the with their cities, 22 and let none of the Enakims remayne in the londe of the children of Israel, saue at Gasa, at Gath, at Asod, there remayned of them. 23 Thus Iosua conquered all the londe acordinge vnto all as the LORDE sayde vnto Moses, & gaue it vnto Israel to enheritaunce, vnto euery trybe his porcion, and ye londe rested from warre.