John 5:25-29

Coverdale(i) 25 Verely verely I saye vnto you: The houre cometh, & is now allready, yt the deed shal heare ye voyce of ye sonne of God: and they that heare it, shal lyue. 26 For as the father hath life in him self, so likewyse hath he geuen vnto the sonne, to haue life in himself: 27 & hath geue hi power also to execute iudgmet because he is the sonne of ma. 28 Maruayle not ye at this: for ye houre cometh, in ye which all that are in ye graues, shal heare his voyce, 29 and shal go forth, they that haue done good, vnto the resurreccion of life: but they that haue done euell, vnto the resurreccion of damnacion.