Joel 3:9-14

Coverdale(i) 9 Crie out these thinges amonge the Gentiles, proclame warre, wake vp the giauntes, let them drawe nye, let the come vp all the lusty warryours of the. 10 Make you sweardes of youre ploweshares, and speares of youre syckles & sythes. Let ye weake man saye: I am stronge. 11 Mustre you, and come, all ye Heithe roude aboute: gather you together, there shall the LORDE laye all thy giauntes to the grounde. 12 Let the people aryse, and get them to the valley of Iosaphat: for there wil I syt, and iudge all Heithe roude aboute. 13 Laye to youre sythes, for the haruest is rype: come, get you downe: the wynepresse is full, yee the wynepresses runne ouer, for their wickednesse is waxen greate. 14 In the valley appoynted, there shalbe many, many people: for the daye of the LORDE is nye in ye valley appoynted.