Joel 3:4-8

Coverdale(i) 4 Thou Tirus and Sido and all ye borders of the Philistynes: what haue ye to do with me? Will ye defye me? well: yf ye will nedes defye me, I shall recopence you, euen vpon youre heade, & yt right shortly: 5 for ye haue take awaye my syluer & golde, my fayre & goodly Iewels, & brought them in to youre gods houses. 6 The children also of Iuda and Ierusalem haue ye solde vnto the Grekes, that ye might brynge the farre fro ye borders of their owne countrees. 7 Beholde therfore: I will rayse them out of the place, where ye haue solde them, & will rewarde you euen vpon youre heade. 8 Youre sonnes & youre doughters will I sell thorow the hondes of the childre of Iuda, & so they shal geue them forth to sell, vnto the of Saba, a people of a farre coutre: for the LORDE himself hath sayde it.