Joel 2:1-11

Coverdale(i) 1 Blowe out ye trompet in Sion, & crie vpo my holy hill, yt all soch as dwel in the londe, maye treble at it: for ye daie of the LORDE commeth, & is harde at honde: 2 a darcke daye, a gloomynge daye, a cloudy daye, yee & a stormy daye, like as the mornynge spredeth out vpo the hilles: Namely, a great & mightie people: soch as haue not bene sens ye begynnynge, nether shal be after them for euermore. 3 Before him shal be a consumynge fyre, & behynde him a burnynge flame. The londe shal be as a garden of pleasure before him, but behinde him shal it be a very waist wildernesse, & there is no man, that shal escape him. 4 They are to loke vpon like bayrded horses, & runne like horse men. 5 They skyppe vp vpon ye hilles, as it were the sounde of charettes: as the flame of fyre that consumeth the strawe, and as a mightie people redy to the batell. 6 The folke shalbe afrayed of him, all faces shal be as blacke as a pot. 7 These shal rune like giauntes, & leape ouer the walles like men of warre. Euery ma in his goinge shal kepe his araie, & not go out of his Path. 8 There shal not one dryue another, but ech shal kepe his owne waye. They shal breake in at the wyndowes, & not be hurte: 9 They shal come into the cite, & runne vpon the walles: They shal clymme vp vpon the houses, & slyppe in at the wyndowes like a thefe. 10 The earth shal quake before him, yee the heauens shalbe moued: the Sonne & Moone shal be darckened, and the starres shal withdrawe their shyne. 11 The LORDE shal shewe his voyce before his hoost, for his hoost is greate, stronge & mightie to fulfill his commaundement. This is yt greate and maruelous fearfull daye of the LORDE: And who is able to abyde it?