Job 42:10-12

Coverdale(i) 10 and the LORDE turned him vnto Iob, whe he prayed for his frendes: Yee the LORDE gaue Iob twyse as moch as he had afore. 11 And the came there vnto him all his brethren, all his sisters with all them that had bene off his acquatauce afore, and ate bred with him in his house, wondringe at him, ad comfortinge him ouer all the trouble, that the LORDE had brought vpon him. Euery ma gaue him a shepe and a Iewell of golde. 12 And the LORDE made Iob richer then he was before: for he had xiiij.M. shepe, vi.M. camels, a M. yock oxe, and a M. asses.