Job 41

Coverdale(i) 1 Darrest thou drawe out Leuiathan with an angle, or bynde his tonge with a snare? 2 Canst thou put a rynge in the nose of him, or bore his chaftes thorow with a naule? 3 Wyll he make many fayre wordes with the (thynkest thou) or flatre the: 4 Wyll he make a couenaunt with the? Or, art thou able for to compell him to do the contynuall seruyce? 5 Wilt thou take thy pastyne wt him as with a byrde, or geue him vnto thy maydens, 6 that thy companyons maye hew him in peces, to be parted amonge the marchaunt men? 7 Canst thou fyll the nett wt his skynne, or ye fysh panyer with his heade? 8 Darrest thou laye honde vpon him? It is better for the to considre what harme might happe the there thorow and not to touch him. 9 For when thou thynkest to haue holde vpon him, he shall begyle the: Euery man also that seyth him, shall go backe. And why? 10 There darre none be so bolde, as to rayse him vp. Who is able to stonde before me? 11 Or, who hath geuen me eny thynge afore hande, that I am bounde to rewarde him agayne? All thinges vnder heauen are myne. 12 I feare him not, whether he threaten or speake fayre. 13 Who lifteth him vp and stripeth him out of his clothes, or who taketh him by the bytt of his brydle? 14 Who openeth the dore of his face? for he hath horrible tethe rounde aboute. 15 His body is couered with scales as it were with shyldes, lockte in, kepte, and well copacte together. 16 One is so ioyned to another, that no ayre can come in: 17 Yee one hangeth so vpon another, and sticke so together, that they can not be sundered. 18 His nesinge is like a glisteringe fyre, and his eyes like the mornynge shyne. 19 Out of his mouth go torches and fyre brandes, 20 out off his nostrels there goeth a smoke, like as out off an hote seetinge pott. 21 His breth maketh the coales burne, the flame goeth out of his mouth. 22 In his necke remayneth strength, and before his face sorowe is turned to gladnesse. 23 The membres of his body are ioyned so strayte one to another, and cleue so fast together, that he can not be moued. 24 His hert is as harde as a stone, ad as fast as the styth ye that the hammer man smyteth vpon. 25 When he goeth: the mightiest off all are afrayed, and the wawes heuy. 26 Yff he drawe out the swearde, there maye nether speare ner brest plate abyde him. 27 He setteth as moch by a strawe as by yro, and as moch by a rotten stocke as by metall. 28 He starteth not awaye for him that bendeth the bowe, & as for slynge stones, he careth as moch for stubble as for them 29 He counteth the hammer no better then a strawe, he laugheth him to scorne that shaketh the speare. 30 He treadeth the golde in the myre like ye sharpe potsherdes. 31 He maketh the depe to seeth and boyle like a pott, and stereth the see together like an oyntment. 32 The waye is light after him, the depe is his walkynge place. 33 Vpon earth is there no power like vnto his, for he is so made, that he feareth not. 34 Yff a man will cosidre all hye thinges, this same is a kynge ouer all the children off pryde.