Job 40

Coverdale(i) 1 Morouer, God spake vnto Iob and sayde: 2 Can he that stryueth with the Allmightie, be at rest? Shulde not he which disputeth with God, geue him an answere? 3 Iob answered the LORDE, sayenge: 4 Beholde, I am to vyle a personne, to answere the, therfore will I laye my hande vpon my mouth. 5 Once or twyse haue I spoken, but I will saye nomore. 6 Then spake the LORDE vnto Iob out of the storme, and sayde: 7 gyrde vp yi loynes like a man, and tell me the thige that I will axe the. 8 Wilt thou disanulle my iudgment? Or, wilt thou condemne me, yt thou thy self mayest be made rightuous? 9 Is thine arme then like the arme of God? Maketh thy voyce soch a soude as his doth? 10 Then arme thy self with thine owne power, vp, decke the in thy ioly araye, 11 poure out the indignacion of thy wrath: se that thou cast downe all ye proude, 12 loke well, that thou makest all soch as be stubburne, to obeye: treade all the vngodly vnder thy fete, 13 cast the downe in to the myre, and couer their faces with darcknesse: 14 Then will I confesse also, that thyne owne right honde hath saued the. 15 Beholde, the cruell beaste (whom I made wt the) which eateth haye as an oxe: 16 lo, how stronge he is in his loynes, and what power he hath in the nauell of his body. 17 He spredeth out his tale like a Cedre tre, all his vaynes are stiff. 18 His shynnes are like pipes off brasse, his rygge bones are like staues of yro 19 First when God made him, he ordened the wyldernesse for him, 20 yt the mountaynes shulde geue him grasse, where all the beastes off the felde take their pastyme. 21 He lyeth amoge the redes in the Mosses, the fennes 22 hyde him with their shadowe, and the wylowes of the broke couer him rounde aboute. 23 Lo, without eny laboure might he drynke out the whole floude, and suppe off Iordane without eny trauayle. 24 Who darre laye honde vpon him openly, and vndertake to catch him? Or, who darre put an hoke thorow his nose, ad laye a snare for him?