Job 31:31-37

Coverdale(i) 31 Yet they of myne owne housholde saye: who shal let vs, to haue oure bely ful of his flesh? 32 I haue not suffred a straunger to lye wt out, but opened my dores vnto him. 33 Haue I euer done eny wicked dede where thorow I shamed my self before men: Or eny abhominacion, yt I was fayne to hyde it? 34 For yf I had feared eny greate multitude of people: Or yf I had bene dispysed of ye symple, Oh then shulde I haue bene afrayed. Thus haue I quyetly spent my lyfe, and not gone out at ye dore. 35 O that I had one which wolde heare me. Lo, this is my cause. Let ye Allmightie geue me answere: & let him that is my cotrary party, sue me with a lybell. 36 Then shall I take it vpon my shulder, & as a garlade aboute my heade. 37 I haue tolde the nombre of my goinges, and delyuered them vnto him as to a prynce.