Job 31:13-22

Coverdale(i) 13 Dyd I euer thynke scorne to do right vnto my seruautes and maydens, when they had eny matter agaynst me? 14 But seynge that God wil sytt in iudgment, what shal I do? And for so moch as he wil nedes vyset me, what answere shal I geue him? 15 He that fashioned me in my mothers wombe, made he not him also? were we not both shappen alyke in oure mothers bodies? 16 When the poore desyred enythinge at me, haue I denyed it them? Haue I caused ye wyddowe stonde waytinge for me in vayne? 17 Haue I eaten my porcion alone, that the fatherles hath had no parte with me? 18 (for mercy grewe vp with me fro my youth, & compassion fro my mothers wombe.) 19 Haue I sene eny man perish thorow nakednes & want of clothinge? Or, eny poore man for lack of rayment, 20 whose sydes thanked me not, because he was warmed wt ye woll of my shepe? 21 Dyd I euer lyft vp my honde to hurte the fatherlesse? Yee in the gate where I sawe my self to be in auctorite: 22 The let myne arme fall fro my shulder, & myne arme holes be broken from the ioyntes.