Jeremiah 41

Coverdale(i) 1 Bvt in the seuenth Moneth it happened, yt Ismael the sonne of Nathanias ye sonne of Elisama (one of ye kynges bloude) came wt the that were greatest aboute the kynge, & ten men that were sworne with him: vnto Godolias the sonne off Ahicam to Masphat, and eate there together. 2 And Ismael ye sonne of Nathanias wt those ten men that were sworne to him, starre vp, and smote Godolias the sonne of Ahicam the sonne of Saphan wt the swearde, & slewe hym, whom the kynge off Babilo had made gouernoure off the londe. 3 Ismael also slewe all the Iewes that were with Godolias at Masphat, and all the Caldees that he founde there waitynge vpon him. 4 The nexte daye after that he had slayne Godolias (the matter was yet vnknowne) 5 there came certayne men from Sichem, fro Silo and Samaria, to the nombre off lxxx. which had shauen their beerdes, rent their clothes, & were all heuye, bringinge meatoffringes and incense in their hondes, to offre it in the house off the LORDE. 6 And Ismael the sonne of Nathamas went forth of Masphat wepinge, to mete them. Now whe he met them, he sayde: Go youre waye to Godolias the sonne of Ahicam. 7 And when they came in the myddest off the cite, Ismael the sonne off Nathamas (with them that were sworne vnto him) slewe them, eue at the myddest off the pyt. 8 Amonge these lxxx. me there were ten, yt sayde vnto Ismael: Oh slaye vs not, for we haue yet a greate treasure in the felde, off wheate, barley, oyle and hony. So he spared the, and slewe them not with their brethren. 9 Now the pyt wherin Ismael dyd cast the deed bodies off the me (whom he slewe because off Godolias) had kynge Asa caused to be made, for feare off Baasa the kynge off Israel, and the same pit dyd Ismael fyll with slayne men. 10 As for the renaunt off th peeople, the kynges doughters and all the people that were yet left at Masphat; vpon whom Nabusaradan the chefe Captayne had made Godolias the sonne of Ahicam gouernoure: Ismael the sonne off Nathanias caried them awaye presoners towarde the Ammonites. 11 But when Iohana the sonne off Carea and all they which had bene captaynes ouer the kynges hooste with him, herde of all the wickednes that Ismael the sonne off Nathanias had done: 12 they toke their companyons, and wente out for to fight with Ismael the sone of Nathanias, and founde him by the waters of Rabim in Gabaon. 13 Now when all the people, whom Ismael led captyue, sawe Iohana ye sonne off Carea and all the other captaynes off the hooste, they were glad. 14 So all the people that Ismael had caried awaye fro Masphat, were brought agayne. And whe they returned, they came to Iohanna the sonne off Carea. 15 But Ismael the sonne off Nathanias fled from Iohana wt eight of his sworne companyons, & wente to the Ammonites. 16 Then Iohanna the sonne of Carea and all the captaynes of the hooste that were wt him, toke the remnaut of the people, whom Ismael the sonne of Nathanias had led awaye (When he had slayne Godolias the sonne of Ahica) whom they also had rescued from him: fightinge men, women & children, and gelded men, whom they brought agayne from Gabaon: 17 and wente from thence, and sat them downe at Geruth Chimham, which lieth besyde Bethlee, that they might go into Egipte for feare of the Caldees: 18 of whom they were afrayed, because that Ismael the sonne off Nathanias had slayne Godolias Ahicams sonne, whom the kynge off Babilon had made gouernoure in the londe.