Jeremiah 40:13-16

Coverdale(i) 13 Morouer Iohanna the sonne of Carea & all ye captaynes of ye hooste, yt were scatred on euery syde in the londe, came to Godolias in Masphat, & sayde vnto him: 14 knowest thou not yt Baalis kinge of ye Ammonites hath sent Ismael ye sonne of Nathanias, to slaye the? But Godolias ye sonne of Ahica beleued the not. 15 The sayde Iohana the sonne of Carea vnto Godolias in Masphat these wordes secretly: Let me go (I praye the) & I will slaye Ismael the sonne of Nathanias, so yt no body shal knowe it. Wherfore will he kyll the, yt all the Iewes which resorte vnto the, might be scatred, & the remnaunt in Iuda perishe? 16 The sayde Godolias the sonne of Ahicam to Iohanna the sonne of Carea: Thou shalt not do it, for they are but lies, that men saye of Ismael.