Jeremiah 31:18-20

Coverdale(i) 18 Morouer I herde Ephraim, (that was led awaye captyue) complayne on this maner: O LORDE, thou hast correcte me, and thy chastenynge haue I receaued, as an vntamed calfe. Conuerte thou me, and I shalbe conuerted, for thou art my LORDE God. 19 Yee as soone as thou turnest me, I shall refourme my self: and when I vnderstonde, I shall smyte vpon my thee. For verely I haue comitted shamefull thinges: O let my youth beare this reprofe and confucion. 20 Vpon this complaynte, I thought thus by myself: is not Ephraim my deare sonne? Is he not the childe, with whom I haue had all myrth and pastyme? For sence the tyme that I first comoned with him, I haue him euer in remembraunce: therfore my very herte dryueth me vnto him: gladly and louyngly will I haue mercy vpon him, saieth the LORDE.