Jeremiah 25:17-29

Coverdale(i) 17 Then toke I the cuppe from the LORDES honde, & made all the people drynke there of, vnto whom the LORDE had sent me. 18 But first the cite of Ierusalem, & all the cities of Iuda, their kinges & prynces: to make the desolate, waist, despysed & cursed, acordinge as it is come to passe this daye. 19 Yee & Pharao ye kinge of Egipte, his seruauntes, his prynces & his people altogether one wt another 20 and all kinges of the londe of Hus, all kinges of the Philistynes londe, Ascalon, Gaza, Accaron & the remnaunt of A?dod, 21 the Edomites, the Moabites & the Ammonites: 22 all the kinges of Tirus & Sidon: the kinges of the Iles, that are beyonde the see: 23 Dedan, Thema, Buz & the shauen Ismaelites: 24 all the kinges of Araby, & (generally) all the kinges that dwell in the deserte: 25 all the kinges of Simri, all the kinges of Elam, all ye kinges of the Meedes, 26 all kinges towarde the north (whether they be farre or nye) euery one with his neghbours: Yee and all the kingdomes that are vpon the whole earth. The kinge of Sesach (sayde he) shal drinke with them also. 27 And saye thou vnto them: this is the commaundement of the LORDE of hoostes the God of Israel: drinke and be droncken, spewe, and fall, that ye neuer ryse: and that thorow the swearde, which I wil sende amonge you. 28 But yf they will not receaue the cuppe of thy honde, and drinke it, then tell them: Thus doth the LORDE of hoostes threaten you: drynke it ye shal, and that shortly. 29 For lo, I begynne to plage the cite, that my name is geuen vnto: thynke ye then, that I will leaue you vnpunyshed? Ye shall not go quyte. For why, I call for a swearde vpo all the inhabitours of the earth, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.