Jeremiah 13:15-17

Coverdale(i) 15 Be obedient, geue eare, take no di?dayne at it, for it is the LORDE himself that speaketh. 16 Honoure ye LORDE youre God herein, or he take his light from you, and or euer youre fete stomble in darknesse at ye hill: lest whe ye loke for the light, he turne it in to ye shadowe and darknesse of death. 17 But yf ye wil not heare me, that geue you secrete warnynge, I will mourne fro my whole herte for youre stubburnesse. Piteously will I wepe, and the teares shall gushe out of myne eyes. For the LORDES flocke shal be caried awaye captiue.