Jeremiah 13:1-14

Coverdale(i) 1 Morouer, thus saied the LORDE vnto me: go thy waye & get the a lynnen breche, and gyrde it aboute thy loynes, and let it not be wet. 2 Then I got me a brech, acordinge to the commaundemet of the LORDE, and put it aboute my loynes. 3 After this, the LORDE spake vnto me agayne: 4 Take the breche that thou hast prepared & put aboute the, and get the vp, and go vnto Euphrates, and hyde it in a hole off the rock. 5 So wet I, and hydde it, as the LORDE commaunded me. 6 And it happened longe after this, that the LORDE spake vnto me: Vp, and get the to Euphrates, and fet the breche from thence, which I commaunded the to hyde there. 7 Then went I to Euphrates, and digged vp, and toke the brech from the place where I had hyd it: and beholde, the brech was corrupte, so that it was profitable for nothinge. 8 Then sayde the LORDE vnto me: 9 Thus saieth the LORDE: Euen so will I corruppe the pryde off Iuda, and the hie mynde off Ierusale. 10 This people is a wicked people, they will not heare my worde, they folowe ye wicked ymaginacions off their owne hert, & hange vpon strauge goddes, the haue they serued & worshipped: and therfore they shalbe as this brech, that serueth for nothinge. 11 For as strately as a brech lieth vpon a mas loynes, so strately dyd I bynde ye whole house of Israel, and the whole house of Iuda vnto me, saieth the LORDE: that they might be my people: that they might haue a glorious name: yt they might be in honoure: but they wolde not obeye me. 12 Therfore laye this ryddle before them, and saye: Thus saieth the LORDE God of Israel: euery pot shal be fylled with wyne. And they shal saye: thinkest thou we knowe not, yt euery pot shalbe fylled with wyne? 13 Then shalt thou saye vnto them: Thus saieth the LORDE: Beholde, I shal fyll all the inhabitours of this lode wt dronckenes, the kynges that syt vpo Dauids stole, the prestes and prophetes, with all yt dwell at Ierusalem. 14 And I will shute them one agaynst another, yee ye fathers agaynst the sonnes, saieth the LORDE. I wil not pardon them, I wil not spare them, ner haue pitie vpon them: but destroye them.