Isaiah 6:2-7

Coverdale(i) 2 From aboue flakred the Seraphins, wherof euery one had sex wynges. With twayne ech couered his face, wt twayne his fete, and with twayne dyd he flye. 3 They cried also ech one to other on this maner: holy, holy, holy is the LORDE of hoostes. The whole worlde is ful of his glory. 4 Yee the geastes and dorechekes moued at their crienge, and the house was ful of smoke. 5 Then I sayde: O wo is me. For I was astonished: that I (which am a man of vnclene lippes, and dwell amonge people yt hath vnclene lippes also:) Shulde se ye Kynge and LORDE of hoostes with myne eyes. 6 Then flewe one of the Seraphins vnto me, hauinge a hote cole in his honde, which he had taken from the aulter with the tonges, 7 and touched my mouth, and sayde: lo, this hath touched thy mouth, & thy vnrightouousnes is taken a waye, and thy synne forgeuen.