Isaiah 56

Coverdale(i) 1 Thus saieth ye LORDE: Kepe equite, and do right, for my sauynge health shal come shortly, & my rightuosnes shalbe opened. 2 Blissed is the man yt doth this, & the mans childe which kepeth the same. He that taketh hede, yt he vnhalowe not the Sabbath (that is) he that kepeth himself that he do no euel. 3 Then shal not the straunger, which cleaueth to the LORDE, saye: Alas the LORDE hath shut me cleane out from his people. Nether shal the gelded man saye: lo, I am a drie tre. 4 For thus saieth the LORDE, first vnto the gelded yt kepeth my Sabbath: Namely: that holdeth greatly of the thinge that pleaseth me, and kepeth my couenaut: 5 Vnto them wil I geue in my housholde and with in my walles, a better heretage & name: the yf they had bene called sonnes & daughters. I wil geue them an euerlastinge name, that shall not perishe. 6 Agayne, he saieth vnto the straugers that are disposed to sticke to the LORDE, to serue him, & to loue his name: That they shalbe no bode me. And all they, which kepe the selues, that they vnhalowe not the Sabbath, namely: that they fulfill my couenaut: 7 Them wil I bringe to my holy moutayne, & make the ioyfull in my house of prayer. Their burntoffringes and sacrifices shalbe accepted vpo myne aulter. for my house shalbe an house of prayer for all people. 8 Thus saieth the LORDE God which gathereth together the scatred of Israel: I wil bringe yet another cogregacion to him. 9 All the beastes of the felde, & all the beastes of ye wod, shal come to deuoure hi. 10 For his watchmen are all blinde, they haue alltogether no vnderstondinge, they are all domme dogges, not beinge able to barcke, they are slepery: slogish are they, & lie snortinge: 11 they are shamelesse dogges, yt be neuer sati?fied. The sheperdes also in like maner haue no vnderstondinge, but euery man turneth his owne waye, euery one after his owne couetousnes, wt all his power. 12 Come (saye they) I wil fetch wyne, so shal we fyll oure selues, that we maye be dronken. And do tomorow, like as to daye, yee and moch more.