Isaiah 54

Coverdale(i) 1 Therfore be glad now, thou bare that bearest not. Reioyce, synge & be mery, thou yt art not with childe: For the desolate hath moo children, then the maried wife, saieth the LORDE. 2 Make thy tente wyder, & sprede out the hanginges of thine habitacio: spare not, laye forth thy coardes, and make fast thy stakes: 3 for thou shalt breake out on the right syde and on the left, & thy sede shal haue ye Getiles in possession, ad dwel in the desolate cities. 4 Feare not, for thou shalt not be confouded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confucion. Yee thou shalt forget the shame off thy youth, and shalt not remembre the dishonoure of thy wedowheade. 5 For he that made the, shalbe thy LORDE & husbonde (whose name is the LORDE of hoostes) & thine avenger shalbe euen the holy one off Israel, the LORDE of the whole worlde. 6 For the LORDE shal call the, beinge as a desolate soroufull woman, and as a yonge wife that hath broken hir wedlocke: saieth thy God. 7 A litle while haue I forsaken the, but wt greate mercifulnes shal I take the vp vnto me. 8 Whe I was angrie, I hid my face from the for a litle season, but thorow euerlastinge goodnesse shal I pardon the, saieth the LORDE thine avenger. 9 And this must be vnto me, as the water of Noe: For like as I haue sworne yt I wil not bringe the water off Noe eny more vpo the worlde: So haue I sworne, yt I wil neuer be angrie wt the, ner reproue the: 10 The mountaynes shall remoue, & the hilles shal fall downe: but my louynge kyndnesse shal not moue, and the bonde off my peace shal not fall downe fro ye, saieth ye LORDE thy merciful louer. 11 Beholde, thou poore, vexed & despised: I wil make thy walles of precious stones, & yi foundacio of Saphires, 12 thy wyndowes off Cristall, thi gates of fyne cleare stone, & yi borders of pleasaut stones. 13 Thy childre shal all be taught of God, & I wil geue the plenteousnes of peace. 14 In rightuousnes shalt thou be grounded, & be farre fro oppression: for the which thou nedest not be afrayed, nether for hynderauce, for it shal not come nye the. 15 Beholde, ye aleaunt yt was farre fro the, shal dwell wt the: & he yt was somtyne a straunger vnto the, shalbe ioyned wt the: 16 Beholde, I make the smyth yt bloweth the coles in the fyre, & he maketh a weapon after his hondy worke. I make also the waister to destroye: 17 but all the weapens yt are made agaynst the, shal not prospere. And as for all tunges, yt shal resiste the in iudgmet, thou shalt ouercome the, & codemne them. This is the heretage of the LORDES seruauntes, & the rightuousnes that they shal haue of me, saieth the LORDE.