Isaiah 52

Coverdale(i) 1 Vp Sion vp, take thy strength vnto the: put on thine honest rayment o Ierusale, thou citie of the holy one. For from this tyme forth, there shal no vncircumcised ner vncleane person come in the. 2 Shake the fro the dust, arise & stonde vp, o Ierusale. Pluck out thy neck from the bode, o thou captyue doughter Sion. 3 For thus saieth the LORDE: Ye are solde for naught, therfore shal ye be redemed also without eny money. 4 For thus hath the LORDE sayde: My people wete downe afore tyme in to Egipte, there to be straungers. Afterwarde dyd the kinge of the Assirians oppresse the, for naught. 5 And now what profit is it to me (saieth ye LORDE) yt my people is frely caried awaye, & brought in to heuynes by their rulers, and my name euer still blasphemed? saieth the LORDE. 6 But yt my people maye knowe my name, I my self will speake in that daye. Beholde, here am I. 7 O how bewtiful are the fete of the Embassitoure, yt bringeth the message fro the mountayne, & proclameth peace: yt brigeth the good tydinges, & preacheth health, & saieth vnto Sion: Thy God is the kinge. 8 Thy watchme shal lift vp their voyce, wt loude voyce shal they preach of him: for they shal se him present, whe the LORDE shal come agayne to Sion. 9 Be glad, o thou desolate Ierusale, & reioyse together: for the LORDE will coforte his people, he wil delyuer Ierusale. 10 The LORDE wil make bare his holy arme, & shewe it forth in the sight of all the Getiles, & all the endes of the earth shal se the sauynge health of oure God. 11 Awaye, Awaye, get you out fro thence, & touch no vncleane thinge. Go out from amonge soch, And be cleane, ye that beare the vessell of the LORDE. 12 But ye shal not go out with sedicio, ner make haist as they that fle awaye: for the LORDE shal go before you, ad the God of Israel shal kepe the watch. 13 Beholde, my seruaunt shal deale wysely, therfore shal he be magnified, exalted & greatly honoured. 14 Like as ye multitude shal wodre vpon him, because his face shalbe so deformed & not as a mans face, & his bewtie like no man: 15 Euen so shal the multitude of the Getiles loke vnto him, & ye kinges shal shut their mouthes before him. For they yt haue not bene tolde of him, shal se him: and they yt herde nothinge of him, shal beholde him.