Isaiah 51:6-8

Coverdale(i) 6 Lift vp youre eyes toward heaue, and loke vpon the earth beneth. For the heauens shal vanish awaye like smoke, and the earth shall teare like a clothe, & they that dwel therin, shal perish in like maner. But my health endureth for euer, and my rightuousnes shall not ceasse. 7 Therfore hercken vnto me, ye yt haue pleasure in rightuousnes, thou people that bearest my lawe in thine herte. Feare not the curse of men, be not afrayde of their blasphemies & reuylinges: 8 for wormes & mothes shal eat the vp like clothe & woll. But my rightuousnesse shal endure for euer, & my sauynge health from generacion to generacion.