Isaiah 50

Coverdale(i) 1 Thus saieth the LORDE: Where is the bill of yor mothers deuorcemet, that I sent vnto her? or who is the vsurer, to who I solde you? Beholde, for youre owne offeces are ye solde: & because of youre transgression, is youre mother forsake. 2 For why wolde no ma receaue me, when I came? & when I called, no man gaue me answere. Was my hode clene smyte of, that it might not helpe? or, had I not power to delyuer? lo, at a worde I drike vp the see, & of water floudes I make drie lode: so yt for want of water, the fish corruppe, and die of thurst. 3 As for heauen, I clooth it with darcknesse, and put a sack vpon it. 4 The LORDE God hath geue me a wel lerned tuge, so that I can conforte them which are troubled, yee & yt in due season. He waked myne eare vp by tymes in ye mornynge (as ye scolemasters do) yt I might herke. 5 The LORDE God hath opened myne eare, therfore ca I not saye naye, ner wt drawe myself, 6 but I offre my backe vnto ye smyters, and my chees to the nyppers. I turne not my face fro shame ad spittinge, 7 for the LORDE God helpeth me, therfore shal I not be cofounded. I haue hardened my face like a flynt stone, for I am sure, that I shal not come to confucion. 8 Myne aduocate speaketh for me, who wil then go with me to lawe? Let vs stode one agaynst another: yf there be eny that wil reason with me, let him come here forth to me. 9 Beholde, the LORDE God stondeth by me, what is he that can condempne me? lo, they shalbe all like as an olde cloth, which ye mothes shal eate vp. 10 Therfore who so feareth the LORDE amoge you, let him heare the voyce of his seruaut. Who so walketh in darcknesse, & no light shyneth vpo him, let him hope in the LORDE, and holde him by his God. 11 But take hede, ye haue all kyndled a fyre, and gyrded youre selues with the flame: Ye walke in the glistrige of youre owne fyre, and in the flame that ye haue kyndled. This cometh vnto you fro my honde, namely, yt ye shal slepe in sorowe.