Isaiah 47

Coverdale(i) 1 But as for the (O doughter, thou virgin Babilon) thou shalt syt in the dust. Thou shalt syt vpon the groude, and not in a trone (o thou mayden of Chaldea). Thou shalt nomore be called tender, and pleasaut. 2 Thou shalt bringe forth the querne, & grynede meel, put downe thy stomacher, make bare thy knees, and shalt wade thorow the water ryuers. 3 Thy shame shalbe discouered, ad thy preuyties shal be sene. For I wil auenge me of the, and no man shal let me: 4 saieth oure redemer, which is called the LORDE of hoostes, the holy one of Israel. 5 Syt still, holde thy tunge, and get the in to some darcke corner (O doughter Caldea) for thou shalt nomore be called lady of kyngdomes. 6 I was so wroth with my people, yt I punyshed myne enheritaunce, and gaue them in to thy power. Neuertheles, thou shewdest them no mercy, but euen the very aged men of the, didest thou oppresse right sore with thy yock, 7 & thou thoughtest thus: I shalbe lady for euer. And besyde all that, thou hast not regarded these thinges, nether cast, what shulde come after. 8 Heare now therfore, thou wilful, that syttest so carelesse, & speakest thus in thine herte: I am alone, and without me is there none: I shal neuer be wydow, ner desolate agayne. 9 And yet both these thiges shal come to the vpo one daye in the twincklinge of an eye: Namely, wyddowhead, and desolacion. They shal mightely fall vpon the, for ye multitude of thy witches, and for the greate heape of thy coniurers. 10 For thou hast conforted thy self in thy disceatfulnes, and hast sayde: No ma seith me. Thyne owne wisdome & connynge haue disceaued the, In that thou hast sayde: I am alone, and without me there is none. 11 Therfore shal trouble come vpo ye, & thou shalt not knowe, from whece it shal arise. Myschefe shal fall vpo ye, which thou shalt not be able to put of. A sodane misery shal come vpon the, or euer thou be awarre. 12 Now go to thy coniurers, and to the multitude of thy witches, (whom thou hast bene acquanted withal from thi youth) yf they maye helpe the, or strengthe the. 13 Thou hast hither to had many councels of them, so let the heauengasers & the beholders of starres, come on now and delyuer the: yee and let the shewe, when these new thinges shall come vpon the. 14 Beholde, they shalbe like strawe, which yf it be kindled with fyre, no man maye rydde it for the vehemence of the flame: And yet it geueth no zynders to warme a ma by, ner cleare fyre to syt by. 15 Euen so shal they be vnto the, whom thou hast vsed & occupide from thy youth. Euery one shal shewe ye his erroneous waye, yet shall none of them defende the.