Isaiah 39

Coverdale(i) 1 At the same tyme Merodach Balada, Baladas sonne kinge of Babilon, sent lettres and presentes to Ezechias. For he vnderstode, how that he had bene sick, & was recouered agayne. 2 And Ezechias was glad therof, & shewed them the comodities of his treasure: of syluer, of golde, of spyces & rootes, of precious oyles, all that was in his cubboordes and treasure houses. There was not one thinge in Ezechias house, & so thorow out all his kingdome, but he let them se it. 3 The came Esay the prophet to kinge Ezechias, and sayde vnto him: What haue ye men sayde, and from whence came they vnto the? Ezechias answered: They came out of a farre countre vnto me: out of Babilon. 4 Esay sayde: what haue they looked vpon in thyne house? Ezechias answerde: All that is in myne house, haue they sene: and there is nothinge in my treasure, but I shewed it them. 5 Then sayde Esay vnto Ezechias: Vnderstode the worde of the LORDE of hoostes, 6 Beholde, the tyme wil come, that euery thinge which is in thine house, and all that thy progenitours haue layde vp in stoare vnto this daye, shalbe caried to Babilon, and nothinge left behinde. This sayeth the LORDE. 7 Yee and parte of thy sonnes that shal come of the, and whom thou shalt get, shalbe caried hence, and become gelded chamberlaines in the kinge of Babilons courte: 8 Then sayde Ezechias to Esay: Now God prospere his owne councel, which thou hast tolde me. He sayde morouer: So that there be peace, and faithfulnesse in my tyme.