Isaiah 35

Coverdale(i) 1 Bvt the deserte & wildernesse shal reioyse, ye waist grounde shal be glad, and florish as the lilly. 2 She shal florish pleasauntly, and be ioyful, and euer be geuynge of thankes more and more. For ye glory of libanus, the bewty of Charmel & Saro shalbe geuen her. These shal knowe the honoure of the LORDE, and the magesty of oure God. 3 And therfore strength ye weake hodes, and conforte the feble knees. 4 Saye vnto them that are of a fearful hert: Be of good chere, and feare not. Beholde: youre God cometh, to take vengeaunce & to rewarde, God cometh his owne self, and wil delyuer you. 5 Then shal the eyes of the blinde be lightned, and the eares of the deaff opened. 6 Then shal the lame man leape as an herte, & the domme mas tuge shal geue thankes. In the wildernesse also there shal welles springe, and floudes of water in the deserte. 7 The drie grounde shal turne to ryuers, and the thurstie to springes of water. Where as dragons dwelt afore, there shal growe swete floures and grene russhes. 8 There shalbe footpathes & comon stretes, this shalbe called the holywaye. No vnclene person shal go thorow it, for the LORDE himself shal go with the that waye, and the ignoraut shal not erre. 9 There shalbe no lyon, and no rauyshinge beast shall come therin nor be there, but men shal go there fre and safe. 10 And the redemed of the LORDE shal conuerte, and come to Sion with thankesgeuinge. Euerlastinge ioye shal they haue, pleasure & gladnesse shalbe amoge them, And as for all sorow and heuynes, it shal vanish awaye.