Isaiah 17

Coverdale(i) 1 This is the heuy burthe vpo Damascus: Beholde, Damascus shal be nomore a cite, but an heape of broken stones. 2 The cities of Aroer shalbe waist, The catel shal lie there, & noma shal fraye the awaye. 3 Ephraim shal no more be stroge, & Damascus shal nomore be a kyngdome. And as for ye glory of ye remnaunt of ye Sirians, it shalbe as the glory of the childre of Israel, saieth ye LORDE of hoostes. 4 At that tyme also shal ye glory of Iacob be very poore, & his fatnes leane. 5 It shal happe to the, as when one sheareth in haruest, which cutteth his handful wt the sickle, & when one gathreth ye sheaues together in the valley, of Rephaim, 6 there remayneth yet some ears ouer. Or as whe one shaketh an olyue tre, which fyndeth but two or thre olyue beries aboue in the toppe, and foure or fyue in the braunches. Thus the LORDE God of Israel hath spoken. 7 Then shal man couerte agayne vnto his maker, & turne his eyes to the holy one of Israel 8 And shal not turne to the aulters that are ye worke of his owne hodes, nether shal he loke vpon groaues & ymages, which his fyngers haue wrought. 9 At the same tyme shal their stronge cities be desolate, like as were once ye forsake plowes & corne, which they forsoke, for feare of ye children of Israel. 10 So shalt thou (o Damascus) be desolate, because thou hast forgotte God yi Sauioure, & hast not called to remebraunce ye rock of thi stregth, Wherfore thou hast also set a fayre plate, & grafted a straunge braunch. 11 In the daye when thou diddest plante it, it was greate, and gaue soone the frute of thi sede: But in the daye of haruest, thou shalt reape an heape of sorowes & miseries. 12 Wo be to the multitude of moch people, that russh in like the see, and to the heape of folke, that renne ouer all like greate waters. 13 For though so many people increase as the flowinge waters, and though they be armed, yet they fle farre of, and vanish awaye like the dust with the wynde vpon an hill, and as the whyrle wynde thorow a storme. 14 Though they be fearful at night, yet in the morninge it is gone with the, This is their porcion, that do vs harme, and heretage of them, that robbe vs.