Isaiah 15

Coverdale(i) 1 This is ye heuy burthe vpo Moab: Ar of Moab was destroyed (as me thought) in the night season: The walles of Moab perished in the night, & vanished awaye: 2 They wete to Baith and Dibon in the hie places, for to wepe: Moab did mourne fro Nebo to Medba: All their heades were colled, and al their beardes shauen. 3 In their stretes were they gyrded aboute with sack cloth. In all the toppes of their houses & stretes was there nothinge, but mournynge and wepinge. 4 Hesebon and Eleale cried, that their voyce was herde vnto Iahaz. The worthies also of Moab bleared and cried for very sorow of their myndes: 5 Wo is my hert for Moabs sake. They fled vnto the cite of Zoar, which is like a fayre fruteful bullock, they went vp to Luhith, wepinge. The waye toward Horonaim was ful of lamentacion for ye hurte. 6 The waters of Nimrim were dried vp, the grasse was wythred, the herbes destroyed, & what necessary grene thinge there was besyde. 7 In like maner the thinge yt was left them of their substaunce, they caried it by water to Araby. 8 The crie went ouer the whole londe of Moab: from Eglaim vnto Beer, was there nothinge but mouanynge. 9 The waters of Dimon were full of bloude, for ye enemie had sent thither a bonde of men, which as a lyon, layde waite foe the remnaunt of the londe, and for them yt were escaped.