Isaiah 10:28-32

Coverdale(i) 28 He shal come to Aiath, and go thorow toward Migron. But at Machnias shal he muster his hooste, 29 and go ouer ye foorde. Gaba shalbe their restinge place, Rhama shalbe afrayde, Gabea Saul shal fle awaye. 30 The voyce of ye noyse of thy horses (o doughter Gallim) shalbe herde vnto lais and to Anathoth, which also shalbe in trouble. 31 Madmena shal tremble for feare, but the citesyns of Gabim are maly, 32 yet shal he remayne at Nob that daye. After that, shal he lift vp his honde agaynst the mount Sion, and agaynst the hill of Ierusalem.