Hosea 8

Coverdale(i) 1 Set the horne to thy mouth, and blowe: get the swiftly (as an Aegle) vnto the house of the LORDE: for they haue broken my couenannt, and transgressed my lawe. 2 Israel can saye vnto me: thou art my God, we knowe the: 3 but he hath refused the thinge that is good, therfore shall the enemye folowe vpon him. 4 They haue ordened kinges, but not thorow me: they haue made prynces, and I must not knowe of it. Of their syluer and golde haue they made them ymages, to bringe them selues to destruccion. 5 Thy calfe (O Samaria) shalbe taken awaye. for my wrothfull indignacion is gone forth agaynst the. How longe wil it be, or they can be clensed? 6 For the calfe came from Israel, the worke man made it, therfore can it be no God, but euen to a spyders webbe shal ye calfe of Samaria be turned. 7 They haue sowne wynde, therfore shal they reepe a storme. Their sede shal beare no corne, there shal no meel be made of their increase: though yere be, yet shall straungers deuoure it vp. 8 Israel shall perish, the Gentiles shall entreate him as a foule vessel. 9 Sens they went vp to the Assirians, they are become like a wylde asse in the deserte. Ephraim geueth rewardes to get louers, 10 therfore are they scatred amoge the Heithe, there wil I gather them vp. They shal soone be weery of the burthen of kinges & prynces. 11 Ephraim hath made many aulters to do wickednes, therfore shal the aulters turne to his synne. 12 Though I shewe the my lawe neuer so moch, they counte it but straunge doctrine. 13 Where as they do sacrifice, offeringe the flesh and eatinge it: the LORDE will haue no pleasure therin: but will remembre their wickednes, and punysh their synnes. Israel turneth agayne in to Egipte, 14 they haue forgotten him that made them, they buylde churches, and Iuda maketh many stronge cities: therfore wil I sende a fyre in to their cities, and it shal consume their places.