Hosea 5

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare this, o ye prestes: take hede, o thou housholde of Israel: geue eare, o thou kingly house: for this punyshment wil come vpon you, that are become a snare vnto Myspa, and a spred net vnto the mount of Thabor. 2 They kyll sacrifices by heapes, to begyle the people therwith: therfore wil I punysh them all. 3 I knowe Ephraim well ynough, & Israel is not hyd fro me: for Ephraim is become an harlot, and Israel is defyled. 4 They are not mynded to turne vnto their God, for they haue an whorish herte, so yt they can not knowe the LORDE. 5 But the pryde of Israel wil be rewarded him in his face, yee both Israel and Ephraim shal fall for their wickednesse, and Iuda with them also. 6 They shall come with their shepe & bullockes to seke ye LORDE, but they shal not fynde him, for he is gone from them. 7 As for the LORDE, they haue refused him, and brought vp bastarde children: a moneth therfore shall deuoure them with their porcions. 8 Blowe with the shawmes at Gabea, and with the trumpet in Rama, crie out at Bethauen vpon the yonside of Ben Iamin. 9 In the tyme of ye plage shal Ephraim be layed waist, therfore dyd I faithfully warne the trybes of Israel. 10 Yet are the prynces of Iuda become like them, that remoue the londemarckes, therfore wil I poure out my wrath vpon them like water. 11 Ephraim is oppressed, and can haue no right of the lawe: for why? they folowe ye doctrynes of men. 12 Therfore will I be vnto Ephraim as a moth, & to the house of Iuda as a caterpiller. 13 When Ephraim sawe his sicknesse, and Iuda his disease: Ephraim wente vnto Assur, and sent vnto kinge Iareb: yet coude not he helpe you, ner ease you of youre payne. 14 I am vnto Ephraim as a lyon, and as a lyons whelpe to the house of Iuda. Euen I, I wil spoyle them, & go my waye. I wil take them with me, and no man shal rescue them. 15 I wil go, and returne to my place, till they waxe faynt, and seke me.