Hosea 3

Coverdale(i) 1 Then sayde ye LORDE to me: Go yet yi waye & wowe an aduouterous woma, who thy neghboure loueth, as ye LORDE doth the childre of Israel: how be it they haue respecte to straunge goddes, and loue the wyne kannes. 2 So I gat her for xv. syluerlinges, and for an Homer and an half of barlye, 3 & sayde vnto her: Thou shalt byde with me a longe season, but se that thou playest not the harlot, and loke thou medle with none other man, & then wil I kepe my self for the. 4 Thus the childre of Israel shal syt a greate whyle without kinge and prynce, without offerynge and aulter, without prest and reuelacion. 5 But afterwarde shal the children of Israel conuerte, and seke the LORDE their God, and Dauid their kinge: and in ye latter dayes they shal worshipe the LORDE, and his louynge kyndnesse.