Hosea 10

Coverdale(i) 1 Israel was a goodly vyne, but he hath brought forth vnprofitable frute: yee the more frute he had, the mo aulters he made: ye more good I dyd to their londe, the more frendshipe shewed they to their ymages. 2 Their herte is deuyded, therfore wil they be destroyed. The LORDE shall breake downe their ymages, he shal destroye their aulters. 3 Then shal they saye: we haue no kinge, for why? we haue not feared the LORDE. And what shal then the kinge do to vs? 4 They comon together, and sweare vayne oothes: they be cofederate together, therfore groweth their punyshment, as the wedes in the forowes of the londe. 5 They that dwell in Samaria haue worshipped the calfe of Bethaue: therfore shall the people mourne ouer them, yee and the prestes also, that in their welthynesse reioysed with them: and why? it shal passe awaye from them. 6 It shalbe brought to the Assirian, for a present vnto kinge Iareb. Ephraim shal receaue full punishment: Israel shalbe confounded for his owne ymaginacions, 7 Samaria wt his kinge shall vanish awaye, as the scomme vpon the water. 8 The hye places of Auen where Israel do synne, shal be cast downe: thistles and thornes shal growe vpon their aulters. Then shal they saye to ye mountaynes: couer vs, and to the hilles: fall vpon vs. 9 O Israel, thou hast synned as Gabaa dyd afore tyme, where they remayned: shulde not the batel then come vpon the wicked children, as wel as vpon the Gabaonites? 10 I wil chasten them, euen after myne owne desyre, the people shal be gathered together ouer them, whe I punysh them for their greate wickednesse. 11 Ephraim was vnto me, as a cow that is vsed to go to plowe, therfore I loued him, and fell vpon his fayre neck. I droue Ephraim, Iuda plowed, & Iacob played the hu?bode man: 12 that they might sowe vnto rightuousnes, and reape the frutes of weldoynge: yt they might plowe vp their fresh londe, and seke the LORDE, till he came, and lerned them rightuousnes. 13 But now they haue plowed them wickednesse, therfore shal they reepe synne, and eate the frute of lyes. Seinge thou puttest thy cofidence in thine owne wayes, and leanest to ye multitude of thy worthies: 14 there shal growe a sedicion amonge thy people. All yi stroge cities shalbe layed waist, euen as Salmana was destroyed with his familiers, thorow him that was auenged of Baal, in the daye of batel, where ye mother perished with hir childre. 15 Euen so shal it go with you (o Bethel) because of youre malicious wickednes. Like as the mornynge goeth awaye, so shal the kinge of Israel passe.