Hebrews 9:18-23

Coverdale(i) 18 For the which cause that first Testamet also was not ordeyned without bloude. 19 For whan all the commaundementes (acordinge to the lawe) were red of Moses vnto all the people, he toke ye bloude of calues and of goates, with water and purple woll and ysope, and sprenkled the boke and all the people, 20 sayenge: This is the bloude of the Testament, which God hath appoynted vnto you. 21 And the Tabernakle and all the vessels of the Gods seruyce sprenkled he with bloude likewyse. 22 And allmost all thinges are pourged with bloude after the lawe: and without sheddynge of bloude is no remyssion. 23 It is necessary then, that the symilitude of heauenly thinges be purified with soche: but ye heauenly thinges themselues are purified with better sacrifices, then are those.