Genesis 46:8-27

Coverdale(i) 8 These are ye names of the children of Israel, which came in to Egipte, Iacob & his sonnes. The first borne sonne of Iacob: Ruben. 9 The children of Ruben: Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron and Charmi. 10 The children of Simeon: Iemuel, Iamin, Ohad, Iachim, Zohar and Saul the sonne of the Cananitish woman. 11 The childre of Leui: Gerson, Cahath & Merari. 12 The childre of Iuda: Er, Onan, Sela, Phares & Serah. But Er and Onan dyed in the lande of Canaan. The childre of Phares: Hesron and Hamul. 13 The children of Isachar: Thola, Phua, Iob & Semron. 14 The children of Zabulon: Sered, Elon and Iahleel. 15 These are the childre of Lea, which she bare vnto Iacob in Mesopotamia with his doughter Dina. These all together with sonnes & doughters make thre & thirtie soules. 16 The childre of Gad: Zipheon, Haggi, Suni, Ezbon, Eri, Arodi and Areli. 17 The children of Asser: Iemna, Iesua, Iesui, Bria & Sera their sister. The children of Bria: Heber and Malchiel. 18 These are the children of Silpa, whom Laban gaue vnto Lea his doughter, and she bare vnto Iacob these sixtene soules. 19 The childre of Rachel Iacobs wife: Ioseph and Ben Iamin. 20 And vnto Ioseph in ye land of Egipte were borne Manasses and Ephraim, whom Asnath the doughter of Potiphar prest of On bare vnto him. 21 The children of Ben Iamin: Bela, Becher, Asber, Gera, Naama, Ehi, Ros, Mupim, Hupim and Ard. 22 These are the children of Rachel, which were borne vnto Iacob, fourtene soules alltogether. 23 The children of Dan: Husim. 24 The childre of Nephtali: Iahzeel, Guni, Iezer, Sillem. 25 These are the children of Bilha, whom Laban gaue vnto his doughter Rachel, & she bare Iacob these seuen soules. 26 All the soules yt came wt Iacob in to Egipte, which proceaded out of his loynes (besyde the wyues of his childre) are all together sixe & sixtie soules. 27 And Iosephs childre which were borne vnto him in Egipte, were two soules: so that all the soules of the house of Iacob which came into Egipte, were seuentye.