Genesis 23

Coverdale(i) 1 Sara was an hundreth and seue and twentye yeare olde: so longe lyued she, 2 and dyed in the head cite which is called Hebron, in the lande of Canaan. Then wente Abraham, to mourne and wepe for her. 3 Afterwarde he stode vp from his coarse, and talked with the Hethites, & sayde: 4 I am a strauger and an indweller amonge you, geue me a possession to bury in with you, that I maye bury my coarse by me. 5 Then the Hethites answered Abraham, and sayde vnto him: 6 O heare lorde, thou art a prynce of God amonge vs: bury thy dead in the best of oure sepulcres, there shall none of vs forbyd ye, that thou shuldest not bury thy deed in his sepulcre. 7 Then Abraham stode vp, and thanked the people of ye londe: namely the Hethites. 8 And he talked with them, and sayde: Yf it be youre wyll that I burye my coarse by me, heare me the, & speake for me to Ephron the sonne of Zoar, 9 that he maye geue me the dubble caue, which he hath in ye ende of his felde. For a reasonable money let him geue it me, for a possession to burye in amoge you. 10 For Ephron dwelt amonge the Hethites.Then answered Ephron the Hethite vnto Abraham, that the Hethites might heare, before all that wente out and in at the gates of his cite, and sayde: 11 No my lorde, but heare me: As for the felde, and the caue also that is therin, I geue it the: and in the sight of my people I geue it the, to burye thy deed in. 12 Then Abraham thanked the people of the londe, 13 and talked with Ephron, that the people of the londe might heare, and sayde: Heare me then, Receaue of me the money that I geue the for the felde, and so wyll I burye my deed there. 14 Ephron answered Abraham, and sayde vnto him: 15 Heare me my lorde: The felde is worth foure hundreth Sycles of syluer: but what is that betwixte me and the? Burye thy deed. 16 Abraham herkened vnto Ephron, and weyed him the money which he had sayde, that the Hethites might heare: namely foure hundreth syluer sycles of currant money amonge marchauntes. 17 Thus Ephrons felde (where in the dubble caue is) which lyeth ouer before Mamre, euen the felde and the caue, was made sure 18 for Abrahams owne good, with all the trees of the felde also rounde aboute, in the sight of the Hethites, and of all that go out and in at the gates of his cite. 19 Then Abraham buried Sara his wife in the dubble caue of the felde, that lyeth ouer before Mamre (that is, Hebron) in the londe of Canaan. 20 So the felde and the caue therin was made sure of the Hethites vnto Abraham, for a possession to bury in.