Genesis 21

Coverdale(i) 1 The LORDE also vysited Sara, acordinge as he had promysed: & dealt with her, euen as he had sayde. 2 And Sara was with childe, and bare Abraham a sonne in his olde age, euen in the tyme appoynted, like as God had spoken vnto him afore. 3 And Abraham called his sonne which was borne vnto him (who Sara bare him) Isaac, 4 and circumcided him the eight daye, like as God commaunded him. 5 An hundreth yeare olde was Abraha, whan his sonne Isaac was borne vnto him. 6 And Sara sayde: God hath prepared a ioye for me, for who so euer heareth of it, wyll reioyse with me. 7 She sayde morouer: Who wolde haue saide vnto Abraham, that Sara shulde geue children sucke, and beare him a sonne in his olde age? 8 And the childe grew, and was weened. And Abraham made a greate feast, in ye daye whan Isaac was weened. 9 And Sara sawe the sonne of Agar the Egipcian (whom she had borne vnto Abraham) that he was a mocker, 10 and sayde vnto Abraham: Cast out this bonde mayden and hir sonne, for this bonde maydes sonne shall not be heyre wt my sonne Isaac. 11 This worde displeased Abraham sore, because of his sonne. 12 Neuertheles God sayde vnto him: let it not displease the because of the childe and the hand mayde: What so euer Sara hath sayde vnto the, folowe it, for in Isaac shall the sede be called vnto the. 13 As for the honde maydens sonne, I wyll make a people of him also, because he is of thy sede. 14 Then Abraham rose vp early in the mornynge, and toke bred and a botell with water, and put it vpon Agars shulders, and gaue her the childe, and sent her awaye. Then departed she, and wandred out of the waye in ye wyldernes beside Berseba. 15 Now whan the water in the botell was out, she layed the childe vnder a bush, 16 and wente, and sat hir downe ouer on ye other syde, a bowe shote of. For she sayde: I can not se the childe dye. And she sat hir downe ouer on ye other syde, and lifte vp hir voyce, and wepte. 17 Then God herde the voyce of the childe, and the angell of God called vnto Agar out of heauen, and sayde vnto her: What ayleth the, Agar? Feare not, for God hath herde ye voyce of the childe, where he lyeth. 18 Aryse and take the childe, and holde him by the hande, for I wyll make a greate people of him. 19 And God opened hir eyes, that she sawe a well of water.Then wente she and fylled ye botell with water, and gaue ye childe drynke. 20 And God was with the childe, which grew vp, and dwelt in ye wildernes, and became a connynge archer, 21 and dwelt in ye wildernes of Pharan, and his mother toke him a wyfe out of the londe of Egipte. 22 At the same tyme talked Abimelech and Phicol his chefe captayne with Abraham, and sayde: God is with the in all that thou doest. 23 Therfore sweare now vnto me by God, that thou wilt not hurt me, ner my children, ner my childers children: but that thou shalt shewe vnto me (and to the londe wherin thou art a straunger) the same kyndnesse that I haue done vnto the. 24 Then sayde Abraham: I wyll sweare. 25 And Abraham rebuked Abimelech for the well of water, which Abimelechs seruauntes had taken awaye by violence. 26 Then answered Abimelech: I knewe not who dyd it, nether dyddest thou tell me, and I haue not herde of it but this daye. 27 The toke Abraham shepe and oxen, and gaue them vnto Abimelech, and they both made a bonde together. 28 And Abraham set seuen lambes by them selues. 29 Then sayde Abimelech vnto Abraha: What meane those seuen lambes, which thou hast set by them selues? 30 He answered: seue lambes shalt thou take of my hande, that they maye be wytnes vnto me, that I haue dygged this well. 31 Therfore is the place called Berseba, because they sware there both together. 32 And so they made the bonde at Berseba.Then rose Abimelech and Phicol his chefe captayne, and departed agayne in to the londe of ye Philistynes. 33 And Abraham planted trees at Berseba, and called vpon the name of the LORDE ye euerlastinge God, 34 and was a straunger in ye londe of the Philistynes a longe season.