Galatians 2

Coverdale(i) 1 Then after fourtene yeares, I wente vp agayne to Ierusale with Barnabas, and toke Titus with me also. 2 But I wente vp by reuelacion, and commened with the of ye Gospell, which I preach amonge the Heythe: but specially with the which were in reputacion, lest I shulde runne or had runne in vayne. 3 But Titus which was also with me, was not compelled to be circucysed, though he was a Greke: 4 and that because of certayne incommers beynge false brethre, which came in amoge other, to spye out oure libertye, which we haue in Christ Iesus, that they mighte brynge vs in to bondage: 5 To whom we gaue no rowme, no not for the space of an houre, as concernynge to be broughte in to subieccion: yt the trueth of the Gospell mighte comtynue with you. 6 As for the that semed to be greate, what they were in tyme passed, it maketh no matter to me. For God loketh not on the outwarde appearaunce of men. Neuertheles they which semed greate, taught me nothinge: 7 but contrary wyse, whan they sawe that the Gospell ouer the vncircumcision was comytted vnto me, as ye Gospell ouer ye circucision was commytted vnto Peter. 8 (For he yt was mightie with Peter to the Apostleshippe ouer the circumcision, the same was mightie with me also amoge the Heythen) 9 they perceaued the grace that was geuen vnto me. Iames and Cephas and Ihon, which semed to be pilers, gaue me and Barnabas ye righte handes, and agreed with vs, that we shulde preach amonge the Heythe, and they amonge the Iewes: 10 onely that we shulde remebre the poore, which thinge also I was diligent to do. 11 But wha Peter was come to Antioche, I withstode him in ye face: for he was worthy to be blamed. 12 For afore there came certayne from Iames, he ate with the Heythe. But wha they were come, he withdrue and separated himselfe, fearinge the which were of the circumcision. 13 And the other Iewes dyssembled with him likewyse, in so moch yt Barnabas was brought in to their symulacion also. 14 But whan I sawe that they walked not right after ye trueth of the Gospell, I sayde vnto Peter openly before all: Yf thou beynge a Iewe, lyuest after the maner of the Gentyles, and not as do the Iewes, why causest thou the Gentyles then to lyue as do the Iewes? 15 Though we be Iewes by nature, and not synners of the Gentyles, 16 yet (in so moch as we knowe, that a man is not made righteous by the dedes off the lawe, but by the faith on Iesus Christ) we haue beleued also on Iesus Christ, yt we might be made righteous by the faith of Christ, and not by the dedes of the lawe, because that by the dedes of the lawe no flesh shal be iustified. 17 Yf we then which seke to be made righteous by christ, shulde be yet founde synners or selues, is not Christ then the mynister of synne? God forbyd. 18 For yf I buylde agayne yt which I haue destroyed, then make I my selfe a trespacer. 19 But I thorow the lawe am deed vnto the lawe, that I might lyue vnto God. 20 I am crucified with Christ, yet do I lyue: neuerthelesse now not I, but Christ lyueth in me. For ye life which I now lyue in ye flesshe, I lyue in the faith of ye sonne of God which loued me, and gaue himselfe for me. 21 I cast not awaye the grace of God. For yf righteousnes come by the lawe, then dyed Christ in vayne.