Ezekiel 9

Coverdale(i) 1 He cried also with a loude voyce in myne eares, sayenge: Come here ye rulers of the cite, euery man with his weapened honde to the slaughter. 2 Then came there sixe men out of the strete of the vpper porte towarde the north, and euery man a weapen in his honde to the slaughter. There was one amongst them, that had on him a lynninge rayment, and a wryters ynckhorne by his syde. These wente in, and stode beside the brasen aulter: 3 for the glory of the LORDE was gone awaye from the Cherub, and was come downe to the thresholde of the house, & he called the ma, that had the lynnynge rayment vpon him, and the writers ynckhorne by his syde, 4 and the LORDE sayde vnto him: Go thy waye thorow the cite of Ierusalem, and set this marck [Hebrew: t] Thau vpo the foreheades of them, that mourne, and are sory for all the abhominacions, that be done therin. 5 And to the other, he sayde that I might heare: Go ye after him thorow the cite, slaye, ouersee none, spare none: 6 Kyll, & destroye both olde men and yonge, maydens, children, and wyues. But as for those, that haue this marck [Hebrew: t] Thau vpo them: se that ye touch them not, and begynne at my Sanctuary. Then they begane at the elders, which were in the Temple, 7 for he had sayde vnto them: When ye haue defyled the Temple, and fylled the courte with the slayne, then go youre waye forth. So they wete out and slewe downe thorow ye cite. 8 Now when they had done ye slaughter, & I yet escaped: I fell downe vpon my face, & cried, sayenge: O LORDE, wilt thou then destroye all the resydue of Israel, in thy sore displeasure, that thou hast poured vpo Ierusalem? 9 Then sayde he vnto me: The wickednesse of the house of Israel and Iuda is very greate: so that the lode is full of bloude, and ye cite full of vnfaithfulnesse: For they saye: Tush, ye LORDE regardeth not the earth, he seyth vs not. 10 Therfore will I vpon them, myne eye shall not ouersee them, nether will I spare them, but will recompence their wickednesse vpon their heades. 11 And beholde, the ma that had the lynnynge rayment vpon him, and the writers, ynckhorne by his syde: tolde all the matter how it happened, and sayde: LORDE, as thou hast commaunded me, so haue I done.