Ezekiel 41

Coverdale(i) 1 After this he brought me to the temple, and measured the postes: which were of both the sydes vj. cubites thicke, acordinge to the wydenesse of the tabernacle. 2 The bredth of ye dore was x. cubites, & the walles of the dore on either syde fyue cubites. He measured the length therof, which conteyned xl. cubites, and the bredth xx. 3 The wente he in, and measured the dore postes, which were two cubites thicke: but the dore itself was sixe cubites, and the bredth of the dore was vij. cubites. 4 He measured the legth and bredth therof, which were euery one xx. cubites, before the temple. And he sayde vnto me: this is the holyest of all. 5 He measured also the wall of the house, which was sixe cubites. The chambres yt stode rounde aboute ye house, were euery one foure cubites wyde, 6 and one stode harde vpo another, wherof there were xxxiij. And there stode postes beneth by the walles rounde aboute the house, to beare the vp: but in ye wall of ye house they were not fastened: 7 The syde chambres were the hyer the wyder, and had steppes thorow them rounde aboute ye house. Thus was it wyder aboue, that from the lowest men might go to the hyest & mydde chabers. 8 I sawe also that the house was very hye rounde aboute. The foundacion of the syde chambres was a meterodde (that is sixe cubites) brode. 9 The thicknesse of the syde wall without, conteyned fyue cubites, & so dyd ye outwall of the chabers in ye house. 10 Betwene the chambers, was the wydenes xx. cubites rounde aboute ye house. 11 The chambre dores stode ouer agaynst the outwall, the one dore was towarde the north, ye other towarde the south: and the thicknesse of the outwall was v cubites rounde aboute. 12 Now the buyldinge that was separated towarde the west, was lxx. cubites wyde: the wall of the buyldinge was v cubites thicke roude aboute, and the length foure score cubites and ten. 13 So he measured the house which was an C. cubites longe, and the separated buyldinge with the wall were an C. cubites loge also. 14 The wydnesse before the house and of it yt was separated towarde the east, was an C. cubites. 15 And he measured the length of the buyldinge before and behinde with the chabers vpon both the sydes: and it conteyned an C. cubites. The ynnermer temple, the porch of the forecourte, 16 ye syde postes, these thre had syde wyndowes, and pilers rounde aboute ouer agaynst the postes, from the grounde vp to the wyndowes: The wyndowes them selues were syled ouer with bordes: 17 & thus was it aboue the dore, vnto the ynmost house, and without also: Yee the whole wall on euery syde both within and without was syled ouer wt greate bordes. 18 There were Cherubins and date trees made also, so that one date tre stode euer betwixte two Cherubins: One Cherub had two faces, 19 ye face of a man lokinge asyde towarde the date tre, and a lyons face on the other syde. Thus was it made roude aboute in all the house: 20 Yee the Cherubins and date trees were made from the grounde vp aboue the dore, and so stode they also vpon the wall of the temple. 21 The bypostes of the temple were foure squared, and the fashion of the Sanctuary was, euen as it appeared vnto me afore in ye vision. 22 The table was of wodde, thre cubites hie and two cubites longe: his corners, the length and the walles were of wodde. And he sayde vnto me: This is the table, that shal stonde before the LORDE. 23 The temple and the holiest of all had ether of them two dores, 24 and euery dore had two litle wickettes which were folden in one vpon another, on euery syde two. 25 And vpon the dores of the temple there were made Cherubins and date trees, like as vpon the walles: and a greate thicke balke of wodde was before on the outsyde of the porche. 26 Vpo both the sydes of the walles of the porche, there were made depe wyndowes and date trees, hauynge beames and balkes, like as the house had.