Ezekiel 26

Coverdale(i) 1 It happened, that in the xi. yeare, the first daye off the Moneth, the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 2 Thou sonne of man, Because that Tyre hath spoken vpon Ierusalem: A ha, now I trow the portes of the people be broken, and she turned vnto me, for I haue destroyed my bely full. 3 Yee therfore saieth ye LORDE God: Beholde O Tyre, I will vpo the, I wil bringe a greate multitude off people agaynst ye, like as whe the see aryseth with his wawes: 4 These shal breake the walles off Tyre, and cast downe hir towres: I wil scrape the grounde from her, and make her a bare stone: 5 yee as the dryenge place, where the fyshers hange vp their nettes by the see syde. Euen I haue spoken it, sayeth the LORDE God. The Getiles shal spoyle her: 6 hir doughters vpon the felde shall perish with the swearde, yt they maye knowe, how that I am the LORDE. 7 For thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, I will brynge hither Nabuchodonosor (which is the kynge off Babilon & a kynge of kynges) from the North, vpo Tyre, with horses, charettes, horsmen and with a greate multitude of people. 8 Thy doughters that are in the londe, shal he slaye with ye swearde: But agaynst ye, he shall make bullworkes & graue vp dyches aboute the, & lift vp his shylde agaynst ye. 9 His slynges & batelrames shal he prepare for thy walles, & wt his weapes breake downe thy towres. 10 The dust of his horses shal couer ye, they shalbe so many: ye walles shal shake at the noyse of ye horse men, charettes & wheles: when he cometh to thy portes, as men do into an open cite. 11 With the hoffes off his horse fete, shal he treade downe all thy stretes. He shal slaye thy people wt the swearde, & breake downe the pilers of thy strength. 12 They shal waist awaye thy riches, & spoyle yi marchaudise. Thy walles shal they breake downe, & destroye thy houses of pleasure. Thy stones, thy tymbre & foundacions, shall they cast in the water. 13 Thus wil I brynge the melody of thy songes, & the voyce of thy mynstrelsy to an ende, so that they shal nomore be herde. 14 I wil make a bare stone off the, yee a dryenge place for nettes, and shalt neuer be buylded agayne: For eue I ye LORDE haue spoken it, sayeth the LORDE God: 15 thus hath the LORDE God spoken concernynge Tyre: The Iles shall be moued at the noyse off thy fall, & at the crie of the slayne, yt shalbe murthured in the. 16 All kynges off the see shall come downe from their seates regall: they shal laye awaye their roabes, and put off their costly clothinge: Yee with tremblinge shal they be clothed, they shall syt vpo the grounde: they shal be afrayed at thy sodane fall, and be abasshed at the. 17 They shal mourne for the, and saye vnto the: O thou noble cite, yt hast bene so greatly occupyed off olde, thou that hast bene the strongest vpon the see wt thine inhabitours off whom all men stode in feare: How art thou now so vtterly destroyed? 18 Now at the tyme off thy fall the inhabitours off the Iles, yee and the Iles them selues shall stonde in feare at thine ende. 19 For thus sayeth the LORDE God: when I make the a desolate cite (as other cities be, that no man dwell in) and when I brynge the depe vpon the, yt greate waters maye couer the: 20 Then will I cast the downe vnto them, that descende into ye pytte: vnto a people that hath bene loge deed, and set the in a londe yt is beneth, like the olde wyldernes, with them which go downe to their graues, so yt no ma shal dwell more in the. And I wil make the to be no more in honor, in the lode of the lyuynge. 21 I wil make an ende off the, ad thou shalt be gone. Though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou not be founde for euermore, saieth ye LORDE God.