Ezekiel 2

Coverdale(i) 1 Then sayde he vnto me: Stonde vp vpon thy fete (O thou sonne of ma) and I will talke with the. 2 And as he was commonynge with me, the sprete came in to me, and set me vp vpon my fete: so that I marcked the thinge, that he sayde vnto me. 3 And he sayde: Beholde, thou sonne off man: I will sende the to the children off Israel, to those runnagates and obstinate people: for they haue take parte agaynst me, and are runne awaye fro me: both they, and their forefathers, vnto this daye. 4 Yee I will sende ye vnto a people yt haue rough vysages and stiff stomackes: vnto whom thou shalt saye on this maner: This the LORDE God himselff hath spoken, 5 yt whether they be obedient or no (for it is a frauwarde housholde) they maye knowe yet that there hath bene a prophet amonge them. 6 Therfore (thou sonne off man) feare the not, nether be afrayed off their wordes: for they shall rebell agaynst the, and despise ye. Yee thou shalt dwell amonge scorpions: but feare not their wordes, be not abashed at their lokes, for it is a frauwerde housholde. 7 Se that thou speake my wordes vnto them, whether they be obediet or not, for they are obstinate. 8 Therfore (thou sonne of man) obeye thou all thinges, that I saye vnto ye, and be not thou stiffnecked, like as they are a stiffnecked housholde. Open thy mouth, and eate that I geue the. 9 So as I was lokynge vp, beholde, there was sent vnto me an hande, wherin was a closed boke: 10 and the hande opened it before me, and it was written within and without, full off carefull mourninges: alas, and wo.