Ezekiel 18:5-9

Coverdale(i) 5 Yf a man be godly, and do the thinge that is equall & right, 6 (he eateth not vpon the hilles: he lifteth not his eyes vp to the Idols of Israel: he defyleth not his neghbours wife: he medleth wt no menstruous woman: 7 he greueth no body: he geueth his detter his pledge agayne: he taketh none other mans good by violece: he parteth his mete with the hongrie: he clotheth the naked: 8 he lendeth nothinge vpon vsury: he taketh nothinge ouer: he withdraweth his honde from doinge wronge: he hadleth faithfully betwixte man & man: 9 he walbeth in my commaundementes, & kepeth my lawes, & perfourmeth the faithfully:) This is a rightuous ma, he shal surely lyue, saieth the LORDE God.