Ezekiel 13:6-16

Coverdale(i) 6 Vayne thinges they se, & tell lies, to mayntene their preachinges withall. The LORDE (saye they) hath spoke it, when in very dede the LORDE hath not sent them. 7 Vayne visios haue ye sene, & spoke false prophecies. when ye saye: the LORDE hath spoken it, where as I neuer sayde it. 8 Therfore, thus saieth the LORDE God: Because youre wordes be vayne, & ye seke out lies: Beholde, I wil vpon you, saieth ye LORDE. 9 Myne hondes shal come vpon the prophetes, that loke out vayne thinges, and preach lies: they shal not be in the councell of my people, ner written in the boke of the house of Israel, nether shal they come in the londe of Israel: that ye maye knowe, how that I am the LORDE God. 10 And that for this cause: they haue disceaued my people, & tolde them of peace, where no peace was. One setteth vp a wall, & they dawbe it with lowse claye. 11 Therfore tell them which dawbe it with vntempered morter, that it shall fall. For there shal come a greate shuwer of rayne, greate stones shall fall vpon it, & a sore storme of wynde shal breake it, 12 so shal ye wall come downe. Shal it not then be sayde vnto you: where is now the morter, that ye dawbed it withall? 13 Therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: I will breake out in my wrothfull displeasure with a stormy wynde, so that in myne anger there shal come a mightie shuwer of rayne, & hale stones in my wrath, to destroye withall. 14 As for ye wall, that ye haue dawbed with vntempered morter, I wil breake it downe, & make it eauen with the grounde: so that the foundacion therof shal remoue, & it shal fall, yee & ye youre selues shall perish in the myddest therof: to lerne you for to knowe, that I am the LORDE. 15 Thus wil I perfourme my wrath vpon this wall, & vpon them that haue dawbed it with vntempered morter, and then will I saye vnto you: The wall is gone, & the dawbers are awaye. 16 These are the prophetes of Israel, which prophecie vnto the cite of Ierusalem, & loke out visions of peace for them, where as no peace is, saieth the LORDE God.