Ezekiel 10

Coverdale(i) 1 And as I loked, beholde, In the firmament that was aboue the Cherubins there apeared the similitude of a stole of Saphir vpo them: 2 Then sayde he that sat therin, to him that had the lynnynge rayment vpon him: Crepe in betwene the wheles that are vnder the Cherubins, and take thine honde full of hote coales out from betwene the Cherubins, and cast them ouer the cite. And he crepte in, that I might se. 3 Now the Cherubins stode vpo the right syde of the house, when the man wete in, and the cloude fylled the ynnermer courte. 4 But the glory of the LORDE remoued from the Cherubins, and came vpon the thresholde of the house: so that the Temple was full of cloudes, and the courte was full of the shyne of the LORDES glory. 5 Yee and the sounde of the Cherubins wynges was herde in to the forecourte, like as it had bene the voyce of the almightie God, when he speaketh. 6 Now when he had bydden the man yt was clothed in lynnynge, to go and take the hote coales from the myddest of ye wheles, which were vnder the Cherubins: he wente and stode besyde the wheles. 7 Then the one Cherub reached forth this honde from vnder the Cherubins, vnto ye fyre that was betwene the Cherubins, and toke therof, and gaue it vnto him (that had on the lynnynge rayment) in his honde: which toke it, and wente out. 8 And vnder the wynges of ye Cherubins, there apeared the licknes of a mas hode: 9 I sawe also foure wheles besyde the Cherubins, so that by euery Cherub there stode a whele. And the wheles were (to loke vpon) after ye fashion of ye precious stone of Tharsis: 10 Yet (vnto the sight) were they fashioned & like, as yf one whele had bene in another. 11 When they wente forth, they wete all iiij together, not turnynge aboute in their goinge: But where the first wente, thither wente they after also, so that they turned not aboute in their goinge. 12 Their whole bodies, their backes, their hodes & wynges, yee & the wheles also, were all full of eyes rounde aboute them all foure. 13 And I herde him call ye wheles, Galgal (that is) a rounde boull. 14 Euery one of them had foure faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the seconde of a man, the thirde of a lyon, the fourth of an Aegle, 15 & they were lifted vp aboue. This is the beest, that I sawe at the water of Cobar. 16 Now when the Cherubins wente, the wheles wente with them: & when the Cherubins shoke their wynges to lift them selues vpwarde, the wheles remayned not behynde, but were with them also. 17 Shortly, when they stode, these stode also: And when they were lift vp, ye wheles were lift vp also with the, for the sprete of life was in the wheles. 18 Then the glory of the LORDE was lift vp from the thresholde of the temple, and remayned vpon the Cherubins: 19 And the Cherubins flackred with their wynges, and lift the selues vp from the earth: so that I sawe when they went, and the wheles with them. And they stode at the east syde of the porte that is in the house of the LORDE. So the glory of the LORDE was vpon them. 20 This is the beest that I sawe vnder the God of Israel, by the water of Cobar. And I perceaued, that it was the Cherubins. 21 Euery one had foure faces, & euery one foure wynges, & vnder their winges, as it were mes hondes. 22 Now the figure of their faces was, euen as I had sene them, by the water of Cobar, & so was the countenaunce of the: Euery one in his goinge wente straight forwarde.